Golf courses are recreational services where members have very high expectations about the service level that they receive from a golf course. Therefore, it's important for the golf club management to be privy of these facts and put their best foot forward in order to achieve the clients' satisfaction. Golf course management is a highly sensitive assignment, and just like any other business operations, the managers should have the requisite skills that match the job requirements like financial management skills, ability to offer a good a customer service and more so, supervisory skills because they are dealing with human resource. The managers must always ensure that all the staff members are working towards maximum enjoyments of the golfers when they visit the facility for their leisure.
Therefore, to be effective and deliver results, maui golf courses managers should first, have financial management skills that will help them to plan and ensure the golf course meets its financial targets and obligations by developing strategies meant to improve business segments within the golf club that are not doing well and develop a guide on how to meet new targets like increasing the pro shop merchandise sales by thirty percent.

Second, they should develop a clear feedback plan that flows from the golfers to the staff then management and vice versa. If well thought-out, the suggestions could assist the management to improve on areas of concern thereby enabling golfers to maximize on their course experience. These can be further enhanced by developing training and retraining program for new and existing staff members by regularly engaging the services of the best golf course consultants.

Third, the golf club management companies can upgrade the service offering, by rewarding the most dedicated staff which has the effect of regulating or minimizing the employees' turnover rate that may compromise the golf course management companies service level offered to the golfers. Fourth, golf course consulting is important because it helps in making informed decisions about the best and most popular internet search sites by the golfers when they are traveling.

That way, the golf club management will list without doubt about their golf course and incorporate pictures showing the beauty of the fields. Fifth, the golf club management can devise ways of encouraging speedy play by the golfers by holding sessions that are used to give tips on how to fast play. Additionally, promising discounts after a certain round of golf in a given time where a golfer earn a free round may help to achieve the strategy.